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Webelieve that the social potential lies in the individual. For that we foster innovation and creativity in the individual, encouraging that his/her ideas penetrate upward, into their organizations and communities

Wewill change the DNA of future generations, encouraging them to be key agents for social change. New generations will interiorize that positive social impact = immediate personal reward

Wecollaborate with the SDG’s, empowering the base of the pyramidal structure and encouraging them to speak the same universal language of social impact

Weempower citizens so that technology can make their cities soulful

Webelieve that human beings have an innate responsibility to do good and make a better world

Jose Almansa
CEO & Founder Welever

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Our philosophy

There are 4 reasons why Welever was born. The first three are revealed here. The fourth - and most important one- is a secret and it depends on you

First, ‘innovation’ is a quality that is innate in people, not in companies. It is however, the responsibility of companies to foster innovation in its employees. Unfortunately, the pyramidal structure used by most organizations, adopts a top-down trajectory of idea penetration, preventing all innovative ideas coming from the base. In the need to reinvent ourselves to maintain a competitive stance, we saw a crucial need to invert the pyramidal structure so that ideas can flow from the bottom-up. Welever is the leadership tool that empowers the base. With its initiatives, companies can reinvent themselves

Second, the ability of change relies in the people. We need ...

Who are we

A global innovation team: Welever is born from the innovative movement, which places people as its center, and is lead by Jose Almansa and his team, with the purpose of activating the collective intelligence in people for them to change this world


Ander Michelena and Jon Uriarte


Fusion Collective Intelligence

Where are we

Madrid, España

Miami, Estados Unidos

City of México, México

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