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Volunteering activation in educational institutions

If you are a university or high school, your role in the implementation of the SDGs is crucial in raising a socially aware generation. Welever makes this possible for you

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Changing the DNA of the next generation

Generate social leadership plans for your students, measure their impact and integrate a Social CV into their academic transcript to increase their access to better education and/or employment. Help us promote in them that social impact = immediate reward

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With Welever, you can manage the social responsibility of your institution in an easy and scalable way. You can design your volunteering plan based on the interests of your student body, and align these with the SDG’s
Allowing students to easily access and propose social initiatives, grants students the possibility to assume roles of leadership. This simultaneously increases their level of engagement, ownership and belonging to the institution
All the activities that your students are a part of, will be automatically uploaded onto their Social CV, a document that demonstrates the students' social skills gained through their volunteer experience; ones that will prove very relevant in enhancing their access to better education and employability. Furthermore, this Social CV can be integrated into academic transcripts as well as LinkedIn
Welever generates a detailed form that records the impact that your student body has had in the realization of the SDG’s. This impact gives an unprecedented value to your institution, ensuring its social awareness both internally and externally
Through the platform, you have immediate access to other social players (NGO’s, businesses, local administrations…) This creates a global network that acts in unison towards the realization of the SDG’s

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