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Optimize your volunteer management processes and recruit new collaborators in a faster, safer and more consistent manner. Publish initiatives so that companies can include them in their corporate volunteering plan and create new alliances. Give your projects higher visibility and ensure more donations, financial help and greater impact

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From the administration panel you can easily manage your initiatives, attract volunteers, collaborators and donations. Like that, you optimize your resources and your time, all the while giving more visibility to your initiatives
Welever users have access to all the geolocated initiatives promoted by NGO's, so they can subscribe to those that best suit their location, availability, skills and personal interests. Also, the platform allows you to collaborate with companies and academic institutions interested in implementing social action initiatives for their employees or their students
The management of the team of volunteers is simplified thanks to the app's chat, which allows the organizers of each initiative to communicate in real time and in a joint or segmented way with all the registered collaborators. This facilitates the coordination of all aspects related to participation of the activity
Through an automated system of surveys and data recorded on the platform itself, Welever provides detailed impact reports, which allows you to measure the effectiveness of your initiatives, callibrate your initiative to better meet goals, and measure the impact it has on the society
By making the activity and social impact reports public, you characterize your insitution as one that promotes social awareness, and drives impact

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