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Welever simplifies the managing of your CSR program, empowers your employees to get their own initiatives running, identifies talent, measures your impact and generates reports, accommodating the needed level of depth and complexity

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What are the benefits?

Implement your corporate volunteer plan quickly and easily, reducing in a signicant way, the procedures done by the department of CSR or HR. Reduce the costs, thanks to the administration panel that allows the internal management of all initiatives
Through the app, you simplify your employees' participation in the initiatives. Likewise, by allowing them to propose their own social actions as part of the corporate strategy, their motivation and engagement increases. It is also an opportunity to recognize new talent
The app's built-in chat, besides allowing you to coordinate in real time all the participants in an initiative, acts as an internal communication channel to send push notifications to your employees (in a segmented, individualized or generalized way)
Welever offers a complete impact report measuring the contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. It also provides a report adapted to the European directive on non-financial information disclosure
Through the platform, you enter into contact with other social agents (NGOs, academic institutions, local administrations), allowing all play agents to have a role when implementing your SDG-based social strategy

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