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From the initiatives panel in the app, you can access all the social actions proposed by NGO’s and citizens, in your city. Signing up is as easy as clicking to participate, and coordinating through the built-in chat to make it happen
From your profile, you can define the initiatives that most interest you, their location and your ability. This model grants you with complete flexibility of how and when to volunteer, without commitments and all the while matching your social interests
If you do not find an initiative that matches your interests and hopes, you can empower yourself and create one so that others can follow you and help you achieve your goals. This is what being a social leader is: not waiting for others to fix things, but rather fixing them yourself, inspiring others and promoting change along the way. In this case, you will greatly benefit from the app's built-in chat, so that you can optimize the coordination of the events
Participating in social endeavors, allows you to develop a set of skills that are complementary to traditional education. These can then be implemented in all professional areas and are thus very valued by employers
All the activities that your students are a part of, will be automatically uploaded onto their Social Leadership CV. These will include all the skills participants have learnt over the course of their volunteering, and will thus increase their employability

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