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Your Social Responsibility management platform

The perfect solution to create, manage and analyze your social action plan, aligned with SDGs

Are you an organization?
Are you a citizen?


Promote your projects, recruit volunteers, measure your impact, and collaborate with other institutions

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Define your volunteering plan, involve your employees, measure and report the impact based on the SDG's and obtain a report on non-financial activity

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Manage your institution's volunteering plan, empower your students to start their own social initiatives and show them what a personal and professional reward this can be

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Public Administrations

Promote social responsibility in your area, empower your citizens and improve the human quality of your community

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Discover all the volunteering initiatives through your smartphone. Collaborate and create your own initiatives, all the while generating your own social CV

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The Welever platform

Publish and edit your initiatives. Define title, date, duration, location, content, number of volunteers required and skills that will be acquired. Once completed, you are already the lever that is changing the world
When you publish your initiatives, you decide if they are exclusive to your organization or open to the participation of the entire Welever community. In the latter scenario, a wall of initiatives is created that favors the interrelation with other organizations, weaving a collaborative network of great value for the realization of the SDG's
You can communicate in real time with your participants. This way, you get a greater organizational control of the initiatives and a greater involvement of your participants
From your mobile, Welever offers you a new communication channel, which fits perfectly with our daily lifestyle. In it you can send push notifications to your community and establish an effective internal communication
In Welever, a large amount of information is gathered from all the initiatives and participants which automatically generates impact reports

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