The importance of a Social CV


More and more, access to higher education increases, competition to entering the workforce is higher and we look for new ways to differentiate ourselves from other candidates. Uniqueness thus becomes a treasured attribute difficult to include in our CVs. What it the solution? Gowing our Social CVs.

What differentiates us from others is our humanity: our unique selection of soft skills that make us different. Patricia’s confidence, rhetoric and passion makes her an excellent leader, and Tom’s diligent, loyal and inquisitive personality makes him an exceptional researcher. What’s best: the combination of these two different personalities make their company more diverse and more competitive vs other organizations. How are these skills achieved and then measured?

Welever - Social CV


It is through social actions that we develop these skills. Adaptability, teamwork, leadership, stamina are skills needed in any organization, but ones hard to grasp in a mere interview. What if, apart from the traditional, hard skill based cv, we could integrate a social one, highlighting our very valuable soft skills?

Welever is a tool that empowers individuals to generate social volunteering programs through their phones. Every time a person contributes in a social initiative through the app, he/she is rated on the skills acquired through the social program. Reciprocally, every time an organizer conducts a social initiative, a rating is conducted by participants on the organizer’s skills. Across time, Welever grants its users the possibility to build a vast CV of his/her social initiatives. This CV adds the very needed element that old CVs were missing and that interviews often hide: how are these people as humans, and what is their human attributes will they add to my company?

When organizations have access to Social CV’s, individuals will have realized one crucial cultural change: the more social impact I have on society, the more professional reward I get. A competitive Social CV will grant society an easier entrance to their dream school or dream job.

Join Welever in changing the DNA of future generations into a more socially aware one, and benefit from its professional rewards.