The full text of Jose Almansa’s presentation speech


Welever, a movement aimed to empower people to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, launched in the US last Friday. Jose Almansa, CEO, and Founder of Welever, spoke from the Miami Dade College and presented an innovative social change for the nation. Here is the full text of his speech:

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank the honorable mayor of Miami Dade County, Carlos A. Gimenez, the honorable mayor of City of Miami, Francis X. Suarez, the honorable President of Miami Dade College, Dr Eduardo Padrón and Consul of Mexico for your presence here today.

We are excited that you made space in your very busy agendas to welcome Welever to the USA as a movement of people-based innovation anchored in an advanced digital platform.

There is no better place to announce our arrival to the USA than the biggest College of the country, the most representative county for innovation and the most cultural diverse city and in fact the real Hub of the Americas.

In my vision, there are no innovative companies, there are no innovative universities, there are no innovative institutions. What exists are people behind the companies, universities and institutions that make them innovative. Therefore, we have to find ways to activate the innovator we all have inside of us.

You might have heard about the Sustainable Development Goals, the master plan lead by the United Nations to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Welever is the tool that allows people to make SDG´s real by themselves, measuring impact, creating a social CV and rating individual efforts via a smartphone app.

The figures indicate that 80% of the citizens of US are willing to participate in some volunteering social initiative, but only 12% find an option related to their concern or interests. Welever is here to close that gap.

Welever operates three avenues: first one are corporations, and why welever is because the Corporate Social Programs usually are made by someone of the top of the company that imposes it to the bottom, to the employees, but the creativity and innovation are in the bottom of it. So welever is a new way of doing it bottom-up. Second is about Universities, and why welever is because if we measure the impact that a student is generating from high school or university and it is used to get a better job or be admitted in a better university, we will change the DNA of next generation if they associate social impact with instant reward.  Third one is about Cities, we are not against smart cities, we think is a great concept, but if can measure the impact of all the citizens, we can create Soulfull cities.

We establish our headquarters in Miami because we learned very quickly why Miami is the nº1 city for startups in the US, and our bet is Miami as the number 1 city for innovation and innovators in the world.

What an amazing challenge! Thank you all for joining us!

Jose Almansa, CEO and Founder of Welever, together with Miami Dade County Mayor, Carlos A. Giménez and City of Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez opened up the launch in US of Welever at Miami Dade College.