“Give me a lever and I will move the world”. Arquímedes, III century B. C.


Who would have told Arquimedes that, in the 21st century, his theory revolving the lever, would inspire a social and technology movement, which aims to change the world.

Welever is this movement. It acts as the lever through which individuals are empowered to catalyze change. Its mechanism has the ability to multiply the human social efforts and collective collaboration in order to positively impact our communities, our cities, and make our world a better place to live in.

Do you have any ideas on how to help people in need in your surroundings? With Welever, you can give shape to your idea, easily publish your initiative through the app, request volunteering collaboration and, together, make it happen.

Welever MovementNow, imagine what it would be like if this action is replicated in other neighbourhoods, cities, countries and continents; what if all of these social actions are taking place around the world? This would mean that we’d be leaving trace in our communities, which multiplied by what everybody else is doing, would create a social impact that would transcend every barrier. By then, this would be a global movement working towards a fairer, more sustainable and more generous world.

The problem is that citizens cannot do this by themselves. We need all social agents: companies, NGOs, academic and public institutions, to be working in harmony, sharing the responsibility of our future. We all have an innate commitment to respect and better the community in which we live.

The result of Welever is a global community of socially-aware people and organizations that put their time in service for the wellbeing of society. Collectively, actions will contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals implemented in the UN’s 2030 agenda. Only by joining the movement, can we imagine a more sustainable, generous and fairer world.