Engaging Employees in Your CSR Program


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means that we, as corporations, have an ethical responsibility to use our influence to impact the world around us in a valuable and positive way. As a company engaged with encouraging social responsibility, we ask you, are you ready to implement sustainability initiatives to better the world around you?


How Can I Engage Employees in CSR?

CSR Team EngagementYou know it’s important to focus on sustainability initiatives and engage employees in corporate volunteering in your workplace. What if there was an easy way to do just that? We at Welever simplify the process of getting your employees involved in bettering the world around them. But how?

We believe in Corporate Social Responsibility based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals include working on issues from climate change and affordable, clean energy, to poverty and gender equality.


Engaging in CSR with Welever

With Welever, your managers can utilize a mobile app to engage employees in CSR. This app is helping to create a global Movement, engaging people everywhere in projects that will produce a fair and sustainable world for everyone. It starts with your employees, who can use the app to create their own initiatives or participate in those they believe in. If an employee is passionate about bettering the environment, the Welever app will let them build an initiative around that matter. The best way to engage employees is to let them work on the issues they care about most.

At the same time, your company can also build initiatives based on what social actions your Corporate Social Responsibility program wants to address. Between allowing your employees to create projects and building your own initiatives, you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to choose how they want to engage in social initiatives.

The platform also encourages cooperation between different initiatives by helping participants coordinate quickly and easily. You can also utilize push notifications to notify participants of any updates, which eliminates the issue of people missing phone calls or emails about the event. They can simply open the app to see any relevant updates. Additionally, the ability to communicate doesn’t end with your workplace: you can also collaborate in other initiatives created by other entities.

With the platform, you gain access to a reporting tool. This tool measures your impact on the UN’s list of Sustainable Development Goals, allowing you to see that you truly are helping the world become a better place.


Broadening Your Corporation’s Impact by Engaging Employees

Teamwork As a corporation using Welever, you will work towards making the world the best it can be for future generations. As a member of a global community of people working towards positive change, the impact of your CSR program can leave a positive footprint on the world. If your Corporate Social Responsibility goals are focused on working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, there is no better way to do so than to encourage your employees to utilize the app. Make it easier for your employees to do so with Welever.

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7 tips to create a social impact report that your company can understand


In this day and age, for a corporation to be part of a Social Responsibility Program is no longer a reality of a few, but a necessity for most. The benefits of this are many and vary amongst contributing to society and the environment as well as improving the reputation and image of your company, ensuring a great sense of transparency.

But… What do these social impact reports entail? Below, we will guide you through 7 tips to develop a top-notch report for your organization.


One: Make a sustainability analysis of your decisions

Data analysis

Whether you work on packaging products with plastic or on selling fairtrade products, a carbon footprint of one degree or another is always left. The question is, how are your commercial decisions negatively affecting your sustainability? It is vital to analyze your internal processes and understand how to define goals to make your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program as efficient and realistic as possible.

Two: Get informed on the best corporate social responsibility actions out there

Collect information

We are all very familiar with good causes to include as part of our CSR program: donating money to fight cancer, supporting countries under catastrophes, or giving extra change to causes that we, often times, cannot remember. There are a vast number of different options to incorporate into your CSR program that we are not aware of that can resonate with ones corporate image or personality much more. Get informed and include them in your program.

Three: Establish your social policy, actions, and goals

Define the guidelines

After having defined the previous steps, it is time to define that what, why and how’s. Changing ones company to incorporate a CSR program from cero is no easy task unless you’re a team of two, so defining an implementation strategy will come in handy to ensure that there is a gradual and positive implementation of the program.

Four: Spread the motivation

Transmit motivation internally

To do good, we need personal, intrinsic motivation. In order to motivate a team, the same has to be done, but one has to be realistic: not all employees share the same preferences and values and we would not want to enforce social actions on our employees. This must not be an obligation, but a desired act of kindness and generosity. Therefore, the CSR program must ensure that employees feel a sense of belonging to the social actions they engage with.

Five: Continuous analysis

Analysis of the report

Here is where the social impact reporting comes in, ok? We are very used to establishing KPIs for all departments, and we need to ensure that we have the same level of meticulousness with the CSR department. For that, leaders of corporate social responsibility must establish a detailed follow-up of what has been done, the impact generated, etc. This will be the best starting point to prepare a top-notch social impact report.

Six: Write the report

Write the report

Now its time to sit down and write the report. Here, you will have to put together all the information you have collected: CSR activities participated in, employee activity, the impact generated… It will take a significant amount of work and dedication but it must be done with the same degree of attention with which financial reports are done with.

Seven: Dismiss the previous six steps


Wait, what? Well, we have a better solution to avoid this amount of work, and it is more than a great solution, it is a very powerful Movement. We introduce to you Welever, a solution for corporate social responsibility management that you and your entity need. Through it, you can manage your social goals and obtain complete impact reports. With it, your employees become agents of change as they are the creators of the social initiatives or are able to choose the initiatives that they feel close to. All social action is classified by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure that we are collaborating with the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

It sounds good, right?Welever - social impact report

We invite you to join our movement and become an agent of change. You can access our web here, or download the app in PlayStore or AppStore.